The Violet adventure.

In June 2003, Rafi Haladjian and Olivier Mevel based Violet, a French company whose objective is to develop technologies, products and services that help make "smart" objects and communicating now inert. In December 2003 the fate Dal lamp that can connect to the Internet through a WiFi connection and thus transmit messages, or posting information using color changes its glass slab sensitive to touch. Dal is also known to react to sounds. Dal is distinguished by numerous awards for design and innovation. Sold 800 euros in a Paris department store, the lamp does not sell. Too expensive. Too soon. Instead of throwing in the towel, the two founders draw lessons and embarked on the creation of a new product, a rabbit, it is called Nabaztag. A first batch of 4800 rabbits, assembled in France, beginning in July 2005 is sold in some stores in Paris connected. Success is with go!

Nabzone has grown rapidly to provide various services and games for Nabaztag. The site benefits from the Nabaztag API to communicate with it. Nabzone creates the costumes and stickers for rabbit and also offers mini interface to install on any personal website.

The rabbit develops, acquires a microphone and an RFID reader and it was launched in November 2006 what Nabaztag:tag and the Ztamp:s, the Book:z, Nano:ztags to make him sniff for more interactions.

In building the Internet of Things, Violet attaches a simple strategy: after connecting the rabbits, connect everything. And to connect all the rest, just paste a Ztamp on any object. It is in this dynamic than in March 2009 released the Mir:ror an elegant white disc encircled by a halo of light that connects via USB to a computer. When approaching the surface an object with a RFID chip reacts, distinguished by a sound he has detected and triggers the action or service associated with this object.

Nabzone makes available its applications to Mir:ror and the nose of Nabaztag:tag without a browser.

Then it's back to the sources for Violet, the successor to the Dal lamp is under construction. A new lamp all round atmosphere, less talkative than the rabbit, it transforms the flow of world events in halos of color and sound micro-messages. Baptizes the Violet Dal:Dal. Announced for the end of the first quarter of 2009, Dal:Dal is still not commercialized.

In October 2009, Violet in trouble, was bought by Mindscape: the beginning of another story ...
Mindscape develops the generation of three rabbit called Karotz.
A few months later, they stop the servers used by the Nabaztag and Nabaztag:tag.

Thanks to the work of a few enthusiasts in the community that arise from alternative servers. The first generation Nabaztag is placed on the tile. Nabizdead offers a new vision of the use of its Nabaztag. For its part OpenJabNab servers flower and bring to life hundreds of rabbits.

In turn Mindscape filed for bankruptcy two years after the acquisition of Violet.

In October 2011, Aldebaran Robotics, creators of the robot Nao, acquires Mindscape. Karotz is saved. Violet rising from the ashes.
A new page turns.

Nabzone is dedicated to the original Nabaztag offers fun and free applications available for rabbits connected to a OpenJabNab server.

Nabzone uses the Unified API and the geographic database of Nabaztags







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